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Behavior and Discipline

Portola has a community commitment to the following basic school rules: Be safe, be responsible, and be respectful.  The Portola Code of Conduct below is a set of specific rules that fit into this positive behavior support plan.


  • All students must obey rules as posted in individual classroom on and campus. 
  • All student must obey the Portola Dress Code.
  • Disrespect, profanity, verbal abuse, racial slurs and/or threatening language toward any group or individual is prohibited. 
  • Bullying and harassment including sexual harassment are prohibited.
  • Cyber-bullying on or off campus could lead to consequences up to and including expulsion.
  • Students are prohibited from making any audio, photo, or video recordings on campus except with permission from Yearbook or Leadership sponsors.
  • Students are required to carry a hall pass or summons when out of class during class time. 
  • Skateboards, scooters, unauthorized games, cameras, electronic devices, toys, and trading cards and any other items that interfere with the educational process are not allowed on campus. 
  • Running, pushing, shoving, or other activities that could lead to injury or destruction of property is prohibited.
  • Littering and walking through planted areas are prohibited.
  • Gum chewing is not allowed anywhere on campus.
  • Balloons on campus are prohibited.
  • Stealing or possession of another's property without their permission is prohibited.
  • Portola's "Hands Off" policy does not permit physical contact of any kind between students. 
  • Students shall not fight or incite others to fight.
  • Students shall not threaten or attempt extortion.
  • Possession of weapons or dangerous objects on campus is prohibited. 
  • Selling or use of tobacco, alcohol, dangerous drugs and/or controlled substances is prohibited by law - this includes e-cigarettes and "vape" products.
  • Writing on or damaging school property is prohibited.
  • Gambling is forbidden anywhere on campus.