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Visitor Policy

  • The Standard Visitor Policy Applies
  • Any visitor coming on campus must review the Daily Health Check screening questions. 
  • All visitors ages 2 and older must wear a face mask at all times while on campus. If you do not have one, the visitor check in area will have one for you. Visitors who are unable to wear a face mask must arrange for an alternate family member to conduct business on their behalf.
Portola welcomes parent and community involvement, as well, our school serves as a center for the surrounding community. However, the main purpose of schools is providing an education to students. Under the law, schools are not considered open to the public, or a public forum, such as a public park or sidewalk. Instead, schools are considered a “limited public forum” and may limit public access in accordance with reasonable regulations set by the school.
In order to provide a safe, secure, positive environment on our campus for all students, staff, faculty, and guests, it is imperative that during school hours, all visitors to Portola follow these visitor guidelines:
  • Present your ID and sign in at the Visitor’s Desk to obtain a visitor's pass.
  • Indicate your destination and the reason for visiting campus. Go only to your designated location.
  • Upon conclusion of business on campus, inform the Visitor’s Desk of your departure, sign out, and return your visitor's pass.
  • Parents who would like to visit specific classrooms should call the Counselor at least 24 hours in advance before the planned visit to schedule the visitation.
  • We do not permit juvenile visitors on campus beyond the Office areas during the school day.