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Portola Clubs 2023-24

Portola offers a variety of clubs for students to join.  It's a wonderful way to meet new friends who have similar interests.  Depending on the sponsor, clubs may be held on-line  via Zoom or in school under the supervision of a teacher/counselor.
If you signed up for a club, please go to the location on the day/time listed below. 
Clubs can be formed at any time of the year.  If you would like to be the president of a club, fill out this link:

Why join a club?

  1. Make new friends
  2. Learn new things
  3. Network with others
  4. Develop social/leadership skills
  5. Add to your college/job resume
  6. Your club may be featured in the Yearbook
Clubs  for 23-24 will begin starting after our Club Fair being held Friday, September 8th. The club president should email you the starting day.

2022-23 CLUBS

Art Club For students who enjoy drawing while meeting new people - Mondays Lunch, Room 133
Anime Club For student who like to draw Anime characters - Mondays Lunch, Room 133
Awesome Animals Club A place to talking and learn about animals - Wednesday Lunch, Room 254
Baking Club For students who would like to share recipes and cooking techniques with friends -  Wednesdays, Lunch, Room 258
Baseball Club - For students who enjoy discussing For students who enjoy discussing their favorite baseball teams and players - Fridays, Lunch, Room 131
Battle of the Books For students who love to read a variety of books and compete on knowledge of these books. Teams are formed and complete - Wednesday Lunch, Library
Bible Club For students who want to learn more about the Bible including the New Testament Lunch - Room 122
Black Student Union Through activities focused around acceptance and tolerance, students will get a better understanding of cultural heritage, unity, and the appreciation of diversity -  Thursdays Lunch, Room 111
Book Club A quiet place for kids to read, write, and talk about books. Thursday Lunch, Room S-2
Card and Board Games Club To play card games, board games and to have a good time Wednesday Lunch, Room 132
Cartooning Club For students who enjoy drawing cartoons and discussing and showing the cartoons to each other. Wednesday After school, Room 259
Character Design Club For creative students who would like to design characters together, share skills, and get to know each other. Wednesday Lunch, Room 154
Chess Club A fun and competitive environment to play and learn the wonderful game of chess. Friday Lunch, Library
CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation) CJSF promotes and recognizes academic excellence among middle school students while encouraging students to participate in community service as leaders in our community (minimum 10 hours required). 7th & 8th Grade students only. 3.5 GPA minimum.  Mondays Lunch, Library
Creative Movie Club After watching a movie, we will do building-based arts and crafts related to each movie we watch creating a city by the end of the year. Friday Lunch, Room 137
Dungeons & Dragons - For students who enjoy the role-playing and want to learn or play the game of Dungeons and Dragons.  Wednesdays, Lunch, Room 154
Gamer’s Society For students who enjoy video game contests/tournaments and discussing the games. Club will include a show and tell with our video games. Mondays, Lunch, Room 108
Gardening Club For students who enjoy planting and harvesting plants. Wednesday Lunch, Garden
Girls Club To support girls being independent, academically motivated, and leaders in our community Wednesday Lunch, Room 117
Garfield Club For students who enjoy the comic strip Garfield and want to engage with other Garfield fans.  Fridays, Lunch, Room 131
Girls' Club To support girls being independent, academically motivated, and leaders in our community - Wednesday Lunch, Room 117
Green Team For students who are interested in helping our environment and having fun while doing it!  This year's focus will be Climate Change Wednesday Lunch, Library
GSA Gender/Sexuality Alliance A social space for queer people (and allies) to meet each other and form a support network of other queer people. We'll also try to address any concerns and promote inclusivity and safety on campus. Tuesdays Lunch, Room 154
Handball Club For students to come together once a week to play handball together. Thursday Lunch
Jewish Club For students to learn more about Jewish traditions, culture, and holidays and much more. Tuesday Lunch
Hot Wheels Club For students who like to collect Hot Wheels and build tracks for their collection - Wednesday Lunch, Room 154 Mr. Schmidt
Jewish Club For students to learn more about Jewish traditions, culture, and holidays and much more. Tuesday Lunch, Room 101
KLAC - Portola Korean Language Arts and Culture Club To create a club where students can gather to learn about Korean culture in an artistic way such as creating a magazine and art to display Thursday Lunch, Room 141
Lego Club For Lego lovers to be able to build and express their creativity during school hours on Fridays during lunch in the library. Lego will be provided. Friday Lunch
Math Games Club For students who enjoy math and solving math problems.  Wednesdays,  Lunch, S-5
Minecraft Club To learn strategies about Minecraft Tuesday Nutrition, Room 259
Origami Club Learn the Japanese art of origami. Wednesday Lunch, Room 120
Persian Club To gather kids who are Persian who want to learn or practice Farsi, talk about Iran, or/and learn more about the Persian culture. Thursdays Lunch, Room 138
Phoenix Gazette (Newspaper Club) To produce a newspaper for the school once every few months - Fridays,  Lunch, Library
Pokemon Club For students who enjoy trading Pokemon cards. No money allowed. Thursday Lunch, Room 154
Ravenous Readers Club For student who enjoy reading and sharing what you read. Friday Lunch, Library
Reptile Club To learn about reptiles and make new friends! Thursday Lunch, Room 137
Rollercoaster Club To discuss rollercoasters at different parks, share opinions on coasters and coaster types and more. Friday Lunch
Roman Catholic Church of Portola For students who want to learn more about the religion of Roman Catholicism Monday Lunch, Room 120
Rubik Cube Club  For students who enjoy solving the Rubik Cube.  Wednesdays, Lunch, Room 107
Save the Sharks Club! To provide knowledge of sharks and their importance, as well as to engage students in shark related activities. Wednesday Lunch, Room 137
Start with Hello Club For students who like to organize events and campaigns to make the campus feel more like a community and to make every student feel included.  Mondays Nutrition, Library
Taylor Swift Club For students who like Taylor Swift and want to discuss her music and life Mondays Lunch, Room 255
Tennis Club A learn and discuss tennis and famous tennis players and what made them successful. Hopefully we can play with each other and make new friends. Friday Nutrition, Library
TKD Club Learn the Korean martial arts and learn how to self defense yourself.  Friday Lunch, Room 140
Travel Club To share experiences and discuss the "world" of travel with our diverse student population Thursday Nutrition, Room 142
Trekkies Club For Star Trek fans to discuss all things Star Trek. Any Trekkie can join our club and we hope to accomplish a better understanding of what it means to be a Trekkie. Friday Lunch, Room 259
YouTube Club To teach participants how to start, grow, and establish a YouTube following. Wednesday Lunch, Room 253